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Premier Maternity Photographer in Frisco, Tx. 

Shutter Surprise studio based in Frisco, Texas, specializes in Studio maternity portraits and offer Fine Art, Glam, Editorial, Boudoir and Classic Maternity Styles. We strongly believe that, Maternity portraits are one of the best ways to celebrate motherhood and also to forever remember the feeling of having your baby inside you. 

Maternity Sessions are recommended to be done when you are 30-34 weeks. We, also have a beautiful collection of designer gowns, silks and accessories for you to use during your session. 

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Maternity Photographer in Dallas


We strongly believe that Maternity Photography is one of the best ways to document and celebrate motherhood and to remember the feeling of having your baby inside you forever.


Maternity photography is best done when you are 30 to 34 weeks old. You are more comfortable moving around, posing, and changing into multiple outfits during this period. Our main goal is to plan, design, and execute the most relaxing session and experience for you. We take care of gowns, silks, props, and accessories and help you with the tiniest details like nails, earrings, etc., for your maternity photoshoot. 


These pictures are not just for you, but these will be your child's favorite photos when they grow up. Most moms are nervous and shy to face the camera, especially when there is a significant change in their bodies. If you are one of them, worry no more, I will help and guide you pose in a way that you will be amazed at how truly beautiful you are! As a Frisco maternity photographer, I get to meet awesome parents and can capture their maternity pictures either outdoors or at my in-home studio. 



There are so many stunning locations for your Maternity Photography in Dallas. Depending on the time of the year and weather conditions, you can choose the best place for your maternity session. We can pick the dresses, silks, or tops from our client closet that will vibe with the location. 



All the studio sessions take place at my home studio based in Frisco, Tx. I probably shouldn't be saying this out loud, but I die for studio maternity sessions because there's no time limit, and the possibilities are endless(......and moms love the air conditioning.. HAHA!!).

You are welcome to use our gowns and accessories; we will take care of setups and props for your session. 



We are a Frisco Maternity photography studio, providing our clients with end-to-end service from design and planning your session to custom photo framing and installing wall arts at your home.


Shutter Surprise studio based in Frisco, Texas, specializes in Studio maternity portraits and offer Fine Art, Glam, Editorial, Boudoir and Classic Maternity Styles. We strongly believe that, Maternity portraits are one of the best ways to celebrate motherhood and also to forever remember the feeling of having your baby inside you. Nani is a professionally trained and award-winning maternity photographer constantly striving to provide her clients with stunning artwork and a better experience. Her appointment calendar is usually booked two months in advance, so get in touch with us to book your maternity session now.


Nani also offers fine art newborn sessions; she is a professionally trained and certified newborn photographer in Dallas, Tx. She also offers Bump-to-Baby package for someone who wants to get their precious newborn baby photographed through their first-year milestones. Safety is our priority when it comes to the newborn session. Get in touch to know more information about our Bump-to-Baby and Newborn Photography in Frisco. 

Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy? Cherish this special time in your life with breathtaking maternity photography near you. At Shutter Surprise By Nani, we specialize in capturing the radiance and beauty of expectant mothers, creating timeless memories that you'll treasure forever.


Why Choose Maternity Photography?


Pregnancy is a miraculous journey filled with unforgettable moments. Maternity photography allows you to celebrate this magical time and capture the essence of your maternal glow. Whether it's your first pregnancy or you're expanding your family, these photographs serve as a cherished reminder of the love and anticipation surrounding this precious milestone.


Our Approach to Maternity Photography


At Shutter Surprise By Nani, we understand the significance of maternity photography. Our experienced photographers strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment where you can express your unique style and personality. We believe that every expectant mother deserves to feel radiant and confident during their maternity photo session.


Our maternity photography sessions are tailored to your preferences, ensuring that your vision is brought to life. Whether you prefer an intimate indoor shoot or a scenic outdoor setting, we have the expertise to capture stunning images that reflect your individuality.


Why Choose Us?


- Experienced Photographers: Our team consists of skilled photographers who specialize in maternity photography. With their expertise and artistic vision, they'll capture the beauty of your pregnancy in timeless photographs.


- Personalized Experience: We prioritize your comfort and preferences, offering a personalized experience tailored to your needs. From choosing the perfect location to selecting wardrobe options, we'll work closely with you to ensure a seamless and enjoyable photo session.


- High-Quality Images: We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver high-quality images that exceed your expectations. Whether you're creating a beautiful album or displaying framed prints in your home, our photographs will stand the test of time.


- Affordable Packages: We offer competitive pricing and flexible packages to accommodate your budget. Our goal is to provide exceptional value without compromising on the quality of your maternity photos.


Book Your Session Today!


Don't let this precious time slip away undocumented. Schedule your maternity photography session with [Your Photography Studio] today and preserve the beauty of your pregnancy for years to come. Contact us to learn more about our services and availability.


Capture the magic of motherhood with maternity photography near you. Trust Shutter surprise by nani to create stunning images that celebrate this unforgettable chapter in your life.

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