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What to wear for your maternity session- Maternity Photographer Dallas

So, now that you have booked your maternity photoshoot and are so excited about the fantastic experience and stunning images to show off your beautiful baby bump to all your friends and family. But, you may also be wondering what to wear for your session.

A silhouette gown like a princess or a form-fitted dress accentuates those curves and the beautiful bump, or if you want to rock that casual look with casual jeans and a crop top, go bare with sheer silk fabric. All these choices can get overwhelming and feel like a big decision. So, I help all my clients to choose the perfect looks for their maternity photo sessions for them and co ordinate looks for their significant others.

As a Dallas Maternity Photographer, I have had an opportunity to work with so many amazing moms. We all went over so many design consultations and worked to create these stunning looks!

Some say that, your bump may get lost in these big gowns and excess fabric. But NO! all it takes is the right pose and lighting!! All these maternity gowns can be found in our maternity clients' closet and can be used for you Maternity Photoshoots.

Crop tops and the bodysuits can be the perfect looks for moms who doesn't like gowns or if you just want to add the cute sexy look for your maternity gallery. Pair up your crop tops with either a jeans or a skirt or just a cute panty! You can never go wrong with these cute choices! We offer our clients an extensive collection of stunning tops to select from for their maternity photo session. From the traditional to the couture, fine art aesthetic, we have something for everyone.

How gorgeous are these form fitted maternity dresses?!! These dresses are stretchy and perfectly hug your bump to accentuate your natural pregnancy curves! While we love to create timeless maternity images for our clients, we also love to be creative and bring a bit of drama into some of their pictures by adding beautiful backdrops or creative lighting effects, etc.

If you love to have a artistic boudoir maternity sessions, here are some excellent options for you to choose from. Boudoir maternity sessions are a great way to feel confident in your new body and feel confident and sexy while celebrating the most joyful moments. Feeling self conscious with all the new changes in your body ? Let me show you how truly stunning and beautiful you are!

If you are currently expecting and would like to schedule your maternity session, get in touch with us! Maternity sessions are best to be done when you are 29-34 weeks.

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