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Dallas, Texas Maternity Photo session | Chandana's beautiful pregnancy photos

When I first met Chandana at a party, she was already 30 weeks, and she reached out to me asking for more details about our maternity sessions. She was so relieved when I said, I take care of everything from dresses, designing, co-ordinating outfits with the other-half, planning, hair, and makeup.

So, a quick fast-forward to 3 weeks, our make-up artist pampered her glam make-up and hair, and we did an absolutely beautiful session with her. While we accomplished many looks, we worked so beautifully together as a team, so everything ran seamlessly, which is excellent because my sessions are tiring HA! It’s like a mini workout session. BUT WE NAILED IT!!

Chandana, While, you await your bundle of joy, I want to tell you YOU ARE ABSOLUTEYLY BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT!! Both, of you are just so cute together and I wish you both nothing but the best. I want to say thank you for choosing us and to have your pregnancy documented in the most fabulous way! Thank you for trusting us!!!

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