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Summer Fashion Tips for Expectant moms | Dallas, Texas

Summers can get hot in Dallas area, being pregnant and in Texas takes it to a different level level.

Expectant mothers typically experience an increase in blood flow, which in turn creates more body heat. And already higher-than-normal body temperatures mixed with hot weather and humidity can make it quite uncomfortable for them.

So, we came up with few tips to beat the heat in style, in this extreme weather conditions. Let us know in comment, if you have any tips to share with us.

#1 - Cottons and Linens

Always, go fo the natural and breathable fabrics like cotton, rayon, linen. Also, make sure the outfits are flowy and allows your skin to breath and allows any moving air to circulate. .

#2 - Say "NO" to BLACK

Black may be the go to color for most of us, but, I personally suggest No black or just a little black.

#3 - Keep it layered and light

Always go for layers, during pregnancy you are hot one minute and really cold the next minute. Start with a comfortable tank and add a jacket for your next day out or a great summer top with blazers on for your next office meeting.

#4 - Dresses are your best friends

I can't tell you enough about how comfortable dresses can be during pregnancy! Short, long, mid length, get 'em all.

I always picked out maxi gowns during my pregnancy, So, I didn't have to wax or shave my legs everyday with a huge belly coming in my way! HAHAHA :D

#5 - Rock those wide brim STRAW HATS

Yes, hats can protect you so much from the heat, pair it with sunglasses to add that stylish look.

#6 - Stay HYDRATED

Last, but definitely not the least. Keep sipping your water and eat more fruits which has high water content. Choose coconut water over fruit juice, which has less calories and high in potassium.

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