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Frisco, Texas Maternity Photography | Amber's maternity session

Amber is of the most thoughtful and amazing women I have ever worked with. She said that she was having a miracle baby during her design consultation. So, I wanted to create an artwork that depicts her strength and celebrate their happiness.

Addison Texas rainbow Maternity Photo studio
She is Brave, She is Strong, She is a Powerhouse
"My story began trying naturally rather than going to a fertility doctor, who told me I needed IVF, which would be very expensive, and there was no guarantee that it would work. My Holistic Doctor then told me to let her treat me for two months naturally with herbs. So, I did and got pregnant a month and a half later, and just her treatment worked fine for me, something else may work for others, we have to stay strong, have hope and seek all the possible ways" - Amber

I hope Amber's story will give you the courage and encouragement to not lose your hopes. Remember, you are not alone through this journey, and you are doing everything you can to support your chances.

Frisco Maternity Photography

Frisco, Texas Maternity Photosession

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