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Dallas, Texas Newborn and Maternity Photographer | Newborn Safety Practice by Shutter Surprise

Experienced photographers can make excellent newborn images look natural and almost effortless. But photographing a newborn baby requires an entirely special skill set. I capture my baby clients' most beautiful and priceless images while safely posing and gently handling them. Also, it's a must first to understand the baby to know what the baby needs(if they are hungry, gassy, or needs to sleep) at the moment and what's best for them.

Safety Training:

Babies are so amazing! Look how innocent and adorable they are with their tiny toes and lips!! Also, they are so delicate during their newborn stage. I am happy that I have done so many online and in-person workshops and been trained and certified by Ana Brandt, a globally renowned safety trainer. Also, assisting her during a newborn session gave me much more confidence and knowledge about safety practices.

Baby Spotter :

Apart from all these, having a baby spotter is the must during a newborn session. Never leave a baby unattended. I either use my assistant or ask one of the parents to help during the session.


We always wash wraps, clothes with mild odor-free detergent. Steam and wipe everything that can't be washed. Always, use sanitizer before touching the baby and use a face mask through out the session.

Posing :

While you may think it's a walk on a cake, wait, No. Especially when it's siblings under age 3 and fur siblings, I prefer laying down shots and composites with younger siblings. At the same time, images with fur siblings are mostly composites. Safety, safety safety, I can never be safe enough when it comes to a newborn session.

Illness :

When someone in my household or my client's is sick, we highly suggest rescheduling the session for everyone's safety.

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