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Newborn Photography Session Prep Guide for Parents


Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to be part of capturing these precious moments with your newborn! To ensure a smooth and enjoyable session, please read through the following guide carefully.

What to Bring

For the Baby:

  • Diapers and Wipes: Be prepared for several diaper changes.

  • Blankets or Swaddles: While we have plenty, a couple of your baby's favorite blankets or swaddles can be comforting.

  • Pacifiers: If your baby uses a pacifier, bring a couple as they can be soothing.

  • Special Items: Any sentimental items you’d like included in the photos, such as a favorite toy, heirloom, or family keepsake.

For Parents 

  • Outfits: Two coordinated outfits for each parent. Neutral colors work best, and it's advisable to avoid busy patterns or logos.

  • Makeup and Hair Products: Bring any necessary items for touch-ups to ensure you look your best.

Prop Setups for the Baby

We offer four different setups for your baby’s session. Please visit our website to choose your preferred setups. If you have any special themes or setups in mind, let us know at least 4 weeks in advance so we can prepare accordingly.

Additional Tips


Timing: Try to feed the baby right before the session to ensure they are sleepy and content. A well-fed baby is more likely to be calm and cooperative during the session.

Relax: Babies can sense stress, so staying calm and relaxed will help your baby feel the same. Trust that we will take great care in capturing beautiful moments.

Communication: Let us know if there are any specific shots you have in mind or special considerations we should be aware of. Your input is valuable in making this session unique to your family.

What to Expect

Session Length: The session will last up to 3 hours. This includes time for feeding, changing, and soothing the baby as needed. We’ll take breaks whenever necessary to ensure the baby is comfortable.

Baby’s Needs: The comfort and safety of your baby are our top priorities. Expect breaks for feeding, changing, and cuddling. We work at the baby’s pace and never force any poses.

Studio Environment: Our studio is kept warm to keep the baby comfortable, so dress in layers that you can adjust as needed.

Poses and Props: We will gently pose your baby in various setups using our provided props and outfits. We’ll capture a variety of shots, including solo pictures of your baby and family photos.

Family Involvement: We encourage family involvement. We'll capture a mix of solo shots of your baby, as well as photos with parents and grandparents.

What to bring and how to prep siblings

  • Favorite Toys or Books: To keep siblings entertained during downtime.

  • Snacks and Drinks: Healthy, non-messy snacks to keep them satisfied.

  • Comfortable Clothing: Something they can relax in while waiting.

How to Dress:

  • Coordinated Outfits: Choose outfits that complement the family’s color scheme and are comfortable for the siblings.

  • Simple and Neutral: Avoid busy patterns and logos for a timeless look.

  • Backup Outfit: In case of spills or accidents, having a spare outfit is always a good idea.

Preparation Tips:

  • Talk About the Session: Explain to them what will happen during the session to make them feel involved and excited.

  • Rest Well: Ensure they get a good night’s sleep before the session.


Looking Forward to working with you

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