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When is the best time to do your maternity photo session ? | Dallas, Tx Maternity Photographer

Being a Fine art maternity photographer in Dallas, Texas, I receive multiple queries from the expectant mom. The most common question of them all is" when to schedule my maternity photography session. "

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Fine Art Maternity Photography in Dallas, Texas

The ideal time for maternity photos is anywhere between 28-34 weeks. Pregnant women usually feel their best in the 7-8 month range. Every bump is different, so the ideal time depends on how much you're showing and how physically active you are. I have had clients schedule their sessions at 28 weeks and some as late as 35 weeks. Sessions are longer, and there will be a lot of posing, moving around, and wardrobe changes. Few poses require you to lay down or sit down, and we must ensure we don't strain your back. Some mothers go short of breath when they lay on their back; in those cases, we either avoid the pose and do something alternative and more comfortable. So, your belly should be nice and round, but you shouldn't be too far along that you're uncomfortable.

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Editorial Fine Art Maternity Photoshoot in Dallas, Texas.

I have also had clients who tend to swell in their legs because of water retention and due to the nature of their jobs and standing extra long hours.

If that's your case, scheduling your session a little earlier than usual is better. But if you've waited until the last minute, we will never turn you away. Just give us a call, and we'll get you scheduled as soon as possible. We've had moms deliver just right after their reveal appointment.

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Keep in mind to eat and hydrate before your session. We always have snacks and drinks available in the studio for you as well. I don't recommend scheduling other appointments on the day of your photos session as you can get tired and may want to go home and relax when we are done. The session usually takes about 2 hours but I suggest not scheduling any appointments close to your maternity photoshoot in case we need some extra time.

I always recommend professional hair and makeup for your maternity photos. We can provide that for you, or you can choose to have it done on your own with your preferred hair and makeup artist. This is an important touch to make you feel your absolute best for these photos.

Please let us know if you have any medical issues or if you are on bed rest. We can schedule a beautiful lifestyle session in your home with minimal movements that will not stress your body or baby. It is important that we are aware of any medical or physical restrictions.

Our award winning photographer at Shutter Surprise By Nani offers services fine art maternity, newborn, baby and family photography services throughout Dallas - Fort Worth Metro area, Frisco, Prosper, Irving, Plano, Allen, Addison and McKinney.

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