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Frisco, Texas Newborn Photographer | Nirvi's Newborn session

Nirvi was almost 4 weeks old when she came in for her newborn session, she has the prettiest little lips and smiles. Mom chose purple for this session and it turned out to be the most perfect color for her baby girl.

Dallas,Texas Newborn Photography Session
Dallas,Texas Newborn Photography Session | Nirvi's Newborn Photography Session

" Giggles, Curls, Ribbons and Bows"

She also chose brown, white, red and neutrals. Nirvi was a little upset for first one hour, but then she just slept like a dream and let me do all the poses. I think Nirvi looked beautiful in every set up. I got to pose her while mom and grandmother got their makeup and hair done. They were so excited they could relax while getting in done. Minakshi is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and she already is the best mother to her perfect little girl.

Dad was so happy and kept saying that, “you are very careful with the baby" and He loved the way I handled her and took my time to settle her. Nirvi is definitely her Daddy's little princess, it was such a beautiful thing to see her father smile and get excited while I posed her.

They were so happy and excited during their reveal session and Grand mom won't stop looking at the prints over and over, she loved them all and held them the entire time <3 <3

Southlake, Texas Newborn Photography

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