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Forget Basics, Get These Amazing Luxury Baby Items

Give your baby the best of the best! Check out this list of luxurious yet practical baby gifts from louis vuitton - coats, cardigans, shoes and more!

Forget regular, practical baby items - there's a new world of luxurious, stylish baby gear out there waiting to add a touch of sophistication to your newborn's life. Louis Vuitton recently announced its first-ever collection for babies featuring their iconic Meli-Molo motif, and we made this list to share some of our personal favorites!

Keep your baby warm and stylish in a signature monogram blanket. These blankets come in 2 colors and are the perfect way to add sophistication to the nursery. These is also perfect for hot weather - it's lightweight, breathable and keeps baby warm but not too hot.

Omg! how friggin cute is that?? This will be on of the cutest things you will buy for your newborn!! Look at all those tiny drawers and cute hangers.

Baby Booties & a Beanie!

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