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Dallas, Texas Maternity Photographer | Best Baby Shower Gifts List

Baby showers are occasions to celebrate an upcoming addition to a family and the expectant parents. As you're researching for a shower gift, why not choose something worthwhile, especially for the new mom-to-be?

As it happens, some of the best baby shower gifts for first-time moms don't make it onto the baby shower registry; here's a handy list of the best gift ideas any mom-to-be will be thankful for.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Nursing and Recovering Moms

Breastfeeding and Nipple Care Items

Experienced moms agree that having the right products can make breastfeeding go more smoothly. Breast pads top the list and are available in either reusable or disposable options. Another gift idea is nipple cream or nipple butter, which can help ease cracked nipples and soreness.

Belly Oils

A moisturizing lotion or oil can be a nice pregnancy treat and a quality baby shower gift for first-time moms. For example, Nutrient-rich, luxurious belly oil can help soothe her skin and give her a moment of self-pampering during this busy and exciting time.

Post-Pregnancy Garments

Post-pregnancy panties and nursing bras can be very useful for a first-time mom who is still dealing with the ongoing changes to her body or who wants to nurse easily and comfortably. Light fabrics with flexible elastics can help. Convenience and comfort are key when it comes to this baby shower gift idea for moms-to-be. You may want to opt for a gift card, so she can shop for the right style and fit.

Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow can make all those late-night feeds all the more comfortable for both the mom and her baby. These firm U-shaped pillows are considered a must-have by many breastfeeding moms, but these can also be used during bottle feeds too.

Nursing pillows are designed to help the mom support her baby to be close to her chest without causing discomfort for the mom.

Nursing pillows come in lots of fabrics and patterns, so you can choose one that matches the mom-to-be's personality or matches the nursery's décor if you know what it is.

Recovery Care Kit

You could combine a variety of recovery essentials into one convenient care kit. Belly oils, nipple creams, and even calming teas are all great gift ideas on their own, but when pooled together into a beautiful basket for the mom-to-be, they can make a difference.

Best Baby Shower Gifts to Serve as Mom's Helpers

Nail Clippers

Safe and easy-to-use nail clippers are a must, especially for new parents who are a bit apprehensive about clipping their baby's small fingernails.

Grooming Care Kit

Combine baby-friendly nail clippers with nail files, combs, brushes, and additional grooming essentials into one adorable pouch.


Parents will need to check their baby's temperature from time to time, so a useful baby shower gift for a first-time mom is a digital thermometer. She might appreciate having more than one—an extra is always good for stashing in the first aid kit or the medicine cabinet.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Mom's Convenience

Phone Holder

Moms always have their hands complete, making it difficult for them to have their phones within reach. Please give her a helping hand with a convenient phone holder that can mount on virtually anything, from the stroller to the car's dashboard.

Portable Changing Mat

With errands to run, people to see, and places to be, a portable changing mat (or two) is a must for any new parent who's on the go with their little one.

Clothing Dividers

A practical baby shower gift for a mom-to-be that no one ever thinks about? Closet rod dividers and drawer organizers! These can help her manage all the baby clothes and accessories she'll accumulate for her little one.

Color-coded and labeled dividers can sort and display age-specific items or group them by size, color, or season, so she knows where everything is exactly, at the precise time she needs it.

Stroller Organizer

Every seasoned parent knows just how important it is to have the necessities within reach, whether at home or on the go. A handy stroller organizer that easily attaches at the bottom of the stroller can go a long way to help keep everything parents need on hand.

Stroller organizers typically have compartments of different sizes to ensure parents always know where to find essentials such as diapers, snacks, keys, and more.

Diaper Caddy

Diaper caddies are a life-changer. They conveniently store all diapering essentials such as diapers, wipes, changing mats, and creams. Plus, parents can carry these portable stations from room to room to help ensure they have everything they need no matter where they are.

Diaper Pail

Diaper pails offer parents a convenient place to stow used diapers. They can be placed next to the changing table and hold a number of diapers, so the parents don't have to worry about taking each used diaper to the garbage can after a change. Diaper pails are also better than regular trash cans at locking in odors, so this is a very thoughtful gift that moms and dads are sure to appreciate.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Mom's Precious Memories

First Year Frame

Unique picture frames are a creative baby shower gift idea for mom. Some feature 12 individual slots within one frame so the new mom can display her baby's milestones as she grows throughout the first year. Once filled with precious images, this gift will be treasured for years to come.

Baby Journal

A great baby shower gift for any mom, a themed baby journal can serve as a keepsake chronicle of her baby's first year. The new mom can have a place to jot down dates and notes as her little one reaches certain milestones, capture moments with images and handprints, and write down particular thoughts she wants her little one to read when he's older.

A baby journal is a beautiful remembrance that she can enjoy creating as her baby grows and flips through when he's all grown up.

Photo Album

Help a new mom record all the precious moments of her baby's first year with a photo album. It will give her a reason to print some of the pictures from her phone, and she'll enjoy paging through and sharing the memories as her child grows up.

Capture a newborn's sweet smile with a gift certificate for a professional photography session. This baby shower gift is ideal for any mom who wants to preserve those first cherished memories and share beautiful photos with friends and family. Check out Shutter Surprise BY Nani-Dallas Maternity and Newborn Photography

Best Baby Shower Gifts Exclusively for New Moms

Food Delivery

Surprise the mom-to-be with a food or meal delivery service subscription. A great meal, whether precooked and frozen or freshly delivered, is always a good option for a baby shower gift. She'll have her hands full with her newborn and may appreciate not having to shop for or cook a healthy meal.

Mom "Me Time"

Most moms need some time to themselves, even if it's just to take a nap or go for a walk. Pay for a trusted babysitter or offer to babysit yourself, if you can. You can even present the gift with a beautifully printed, customized voucher. She'll be grateful for those moments to herself.

A Night Out

Offer to take her out when she's ready, whether to catch a movie, see a show, or catch up with her friends. Anything that helps a new mom stay in touch with the things and people she loves is a thoughtful baby shower gift idea that she's sure to appreciate.

Spa Day

A day of rest and pampering is always welcome, especially for a new mom. Give a spa gift certificate with no specified date and offer to help care for the baby, or plan the day ahead with her partner so you can join her at the spa, too. Every mom can agree that a little R&R is definitely what the doctor ordered.

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