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Dallas, Texas Maternity Photography || How to choose the right size for your wall art ?

Choosing the perfect art work for your home doesn’t come naturally and definitely isn’t any easy with all the options! How do I choose the right size? or how do I pair different pieces together ?When selecting the art, consider the size of both art and the room. Like in living area a small wall art may diminish and in a small bedroom, a huge wall art may not look so appealing.

So, here are some tips to select the perfect size art for your room and home

Larger size: If you are wanting one statement piece to anchor your space or have a larger wall to fill, go for the larger scale art. These pieces have potential to make a really huge impact on a space and definitely, adds WOW factor every time someone walks in.

Dallas, Texas Maternity Photographer
Stunning Wallart

Collage wall: These collages are perfect when you want more variety and add on as the year pass by! choose images from your maternity session, add on your babies newborn images, their first steps milestones, cakesmashes..

Dallas, Texas Newborn Photographer
Beautiful collage to share your story

These collage wall are perfect, when it comes to telling your beautiful fairytale story.

Dallas Texas Family Photographer
TRIO - Collage

Smaller artwork: Any size below 8x10 are smaller and are perfect accents to style your entry table, bedside tables, dressing tables and your office work space.

Dallas Texas Maternity Photographer
Beautiful artwork for you entryway table

These are the best option when you want to add a little personal touch and fill a void space in your already decorated spaces. Choosing different heights is the key to create visual interest and refinement to your entryway tables.

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